CCG Announces AI-powered Cybersecurity Solutions, Support, and Managed Security Services

Olney, Maryland: Canfield CyberDefense Group (CCG), the software product development, cybersecurity training, and managed security service provider for organizations of different sizes is offering some innovative cybersecurity solutions like CheckMate and Phen-AI. On top of this CCG is one of the leading Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP). That helps organizations to ensure the highest level of security and control over both network and data protection risks.

With a mission to make your cyberspace more secure, CCG has developed cognitive learning Artificial Intelligence Software products such as CanSecure, NeTers, and Smart LogAnalyzer to provide a 100% view of your network 100% of the time. When you don’t have in-house security experts or need expert help to plan or handle the possible threats, the managed security service offered by CCG could be helpful.  

CCG offers comprehensive protection against both known and unknown cyber threats by continuously assessing the strengths and risks of a company’s digital infrastructure.

CCG also provides Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Compliance Software Tool for contractors, suppliers, primes, and subcontractors to assess their network and its security modules before the audit conducted by a certified third-party assessment organization (C3PAO). If your organization needs to be certified at the appropriate CMMC level to bid on Request For Proposal (RFPs) then CCG could be of great help.

CheckMate is leading the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Cybersecurity world and CCG is delivering solutions derived from the world’s most comprehensive developed intelligence platform called Phen.AI”

The cybersecurity training module ensures all employees get regular cyber safety awareness education, while the technology-focused module includes vulnerability management, threat detection, and response, as well as help to maintain a secured environment.  

CCG allows organizations to quantify the value of their cybersecurity investments and help to take control of the entire network without exceeding the budget. 

The fonder of Canfield Cyberdefense Group says, “Start-ups and midsized companies face complex security threats and increasingly onerous compliance requirements. But rarely do they have the in-house resources to manage all of this themselves; this is exactly where CCG like Managed Security Services Provider(MSSP) comes into the picture and maintain a robust network”.

The AI-powered cybersecurity solutions, support, and managed security service by CCG are the best in the class and organizations can avail of these benefits within their budget yet without compromising the security requirements. 

About Canfield Cyberdefense Group:

CCG is a small women-owned business that provides innovative cybersecurity software products. CCG provides IT Management, Software, and Engineering Services and Cyber-Related products to reduce, manage, and mitigate cybersecurity risks. Additionally, continuous training and support services, documentation support services, and round-the-clock technical support are available with Canfield Cyberdefense Group.

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